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Increase Your Sales By Using Facebook As A Traffic Source 
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 We all know that  the money Is in the list right?
The bigger your list is, the more money you will make.
Well the truth is: YOU ARE WRONG.

The money is in the relationship that you have with your list, and the bigger is not necessarily better.
The more your subscribers will love you, the more they are engaged with you the more money you will make.

Now the problem for most marketers is that they don't know where to find the RIGHT customers.
Well let me tell you this: 99% of your potential customers are on Facebook.

So if you want to attract potential customers to your websites / products, to build your email list and to make more money:
You need to use Facebook as a traffic source! 

The best way to build a responsive email list is by advertising on Facebook.
But before we continue, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you want to advertise on Facebook but you're afraid that you'll waste you're money?

Do you want to attract more potential customers to your products / websites, but you have 
NO CLUE how to write attention grabbing ads to attract them?

Are you 
afraid to use Facebook's ads system because you don't have any technical experience?
If you are on this page, probably you are 
eager to find a way to drive traffic to your products or websites, but you feel perplexed as you don’t know how to do that.

Or maybe you already advertised on Facebook, but didn't get the results that you expected and 
your money was thrown into trash.

And maybe the negative result forced you to believe that: "Facebook ads can work for other people, but not for me " .

If I described your situation, I just want to say that:  
Did you know that majority of online marketers who try to advertise on Facebook are getting stuck and are unable to achieve success with Facebook ads?
And those who already started advertising on Facebook are not getting ROI (Return on Investment).

They waste their money!
If you are not a stranger to the challenges I mentioned above,
 I have a simple and perfect solution for you:
A Complete Facebook Course That Will Teach You How To Get Laser Targeted Traffic, Cheap Quality Leads And Make More Sales With Facebook Ads
 Without Losing Money
With this simple method I was able to DOMINATE affiliate promotions and crush leaderboards
Some of my results...
Who am I and how I can help you
My name is Kobi Topaz and I love Internet Marketing.

For the last 18 months,  I've been promoting several products in different niches
( Making Money Online, Diet, Self Improvement)

I'v also built a number of landing pages, created hundreds of Facebook ads.

I am not revealing these facts just to show off, but my method is based on my years of experience and on my PROVEN results.

So, I created a simple blueprint that would help Internet marketers to get more sales by using Facebook ads as a traffic source.
  •  Anyone looking to get high quality traffic every day

  • Anyone looking to get cheap high quality leads

  • Anyone who wants to make income online

  • Newbies Or Advanced Marketers

  • Anyone who is interested in ecom marketing, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing
What Are You Going To Learn In this course today ?
Module 1 - Core Concepts
In module 1, I will teach you the core principles of Facebook, those principles separates the newbies from the people who are consistently making money online.
Module 2 - Finding Our Perfect Customer
In this module, I will show you how to find the BUYERS - not just regular people who want free stuff.

I will show you how you can find the right people that will actually BUY from YOU.
Module 3 - Magnetic Posts
Here you will learn how to write ads to ATTRACT your potential customers to your products even if you don't know copywriting.

These posts will attract your potential customers to YOU instead to your competitors.
Module 4 - Lead generation & List Building
I will show you the best landing pages that convert at least 50% of the visitors, you will learn to build a list of highly targeted engaging prospects.
Module 5 - Putting everything together and launching our campaign
So after defining our perfect BUYER customer, creating our MAGNETIC post and building a HIGH CONVERTING landing page - now it’s time to launch our Facebook campaign!

In this module, I will show you step by step how to set up an effective campaign on Facebook in a way that won't waste your money and also save you from committing dangerous mistakes that a lot of people make.
I will show you how to do optimization to your campaign and much more.

FINALLY, you will start to making money.
Act Now And Get These Amazing Tools:
Facebook Ad Account Safety Checklist - Learn the things that you need to do in order to make sure that your ad account is safe
Buyer Customer Worksheet - A worksheet that will help you to find your Buyers Customer - a customer that will buy products from you without opposing
The Ultimate Customers Magnet Checklist - How to Create an effective Lead Magnet that will MAGNET Your Potential Customers and will attract their attention to YOU instead of your competitors.

The Ultimate POST Formula - How to create a post that will attract your customers in 4 simple steps, even if you don't have any experience with copywriting
The High Converting Landing Page Checklist - 10 elements that you MUST have on your landing page to make it an automated lead generation machine.
The Perfect " 3+1 " Email sequence - 4 email templates - Email sequence that will help you turn potential customers
to repeat BUYERS who will buy from you again and again.
The 5 most effective posts on Facebook and how you can use them to make your advertising effective, attract more customers and to make more money.
Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Checklist - No one is perfect, so I created this checklist to help you solve any possible problems that might occur.
By the end of this course you'll know everything that you need to master Facebook ads.
See the members area: 
  • You DON'T Need To Have Big Budget

  • You DON'T Need Any Previous Experience With Facebook Ads

  • You DON'T Need To Hire An Expensive Copywriter
  • You DON'T Need To Hire An Expensive Developer To Build Your Pages

  • You DON'T Need A Huge Email List
  • You Can Start With $5 Daily Budget

  • I Will Teach You Everything That You Need To Know Step By Step

  • I Will Teach You How To Write High Converting Ads In 4 Easy Steps
  • I Will Show You How You Can Create High Converting Pages In A Few Minutes

  • I Will Show You How You Can Build Super Responsive  & Quality Email List

Works in ANY niche
This is a headline
Just imagine how much money you will save each month after you learn how to create  profitable ads on Facebook.

How will you feel when you start generating sales every day on AUTOPILOT?

You will see that your potential customers start seeing you as an expert, will follow you and buy from you instead of your competitors.

And the most important thing:
How will you feel when you'll be far ahead of your competitors?

Just remember: This is not some kind of a magic push-button system to make millions of dollars!
The 100% No-Risk Promise 
Try it out for 14 days and if you won't like it, you’ll get your money back!

I invite you to take my course with 100% no risk!
What Other People Are Saying About The Training?
So, If you want to Get INSTANT Laser Targeted Traffic, Get Cheap Quality Leads And Make More Money With Facebook Ads Even If You Are A Complete Newbie

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Traffic Domination

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You Probably Asked Yourself...
1. Is this method newbie friendly?

Yes, even if you’r a complete newbie with no experience, I will take you hand by hand and show you step by step the things that you need to do.

My videos are screen recorded so, you can see EXACTLY what I'm doing, it’s like you sitting next to me.

2. Do I need to have high budget?

No, you can start with very small budget

3. I don't have any technical knowledge, will that be right for me?

Absolutely yes, the technical stuff is pretty simple and you will see what I do in my videos and I will explain to you everything step by step.

4. What if I don't like your course?

Send me an email within 14 days from your purchase and I will refund 100% of your money.
5. When I will receive the training videos?


6. When will I get results?

It’s up to you, no one can guarantee you results.
The only thing that I can guarantee you is that if you want to get results, you need to do 2 things:
1. Watch my videos right now.

7. What if I'll have questions about the training?

I will be happy to answer all of your questions in our special Facebook group

8. I already run Facebook ads but I didn't got good results

Look, this can happend because of a few reasons:
1. Your ad was not attracting enough
2. You landing page wasn't converting
3. Your sales funnel is not converting
4. You didn't advertised to the right people.

In my course I promise you that I'll teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know in order to get GREAT results with Facebook Ads, you can give me a chance to prove it to you.

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To Your Success,
Disclaimer: Your results can not be guaranteed, making money online is a business and in order to get great results you need to take it seariously.
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